Mini Whole 30

I can’t believe I am doing this again already.  Yes, just 15 days this time, but wow!!  What brought me to this decision?  Our party last Sunday.  It was awesome, wonderful, and way too much fun 🙂  I don’t regret anything I ate or drank either!  BUT, I did feel pretty yucky the next day.  Not hangover yucky.  I just felt physically “off” and unhealthy.  I figured I could do a mini challenge just to reset my body and feel more fit.  I know I can do it now that I completed a Whole 30, so why not??

To make it easier as far as all the cooking this time around, I am not making separate dinners for my family.  I made so many delicious healthy dinners during the 30, there really isn’t any reason to not serve them to everyone.  I won’t make anything that I know for sure my family won’t care for.  This will be a good thing!

I started yesterday, on Tuesday.  Dinner was buffalo chicken meatloaf and really, really good.  My son didn’t think it was great, but he ate it.  My husband and daughter loved it.  Only thing is I’ll have to make 2 next time so there are leftovers for lunch the next day.  I also picked up a new leafy green…….mache.  It’s a green from California also known as lamb’s lettuce.  It is described as nutty, but to me it was pretty bitter and strong.  My daughter loved it!

Tonight I made the Damn Fine Chicken which I made during my first week on the 30.  Man, is this addicting!!  I used 5 drumsticks and 2 breasts this time.  It was just my daughter and I tonight, so there is plenty for lunch tomorrow 🙂

The rest of the week’s dinners will be paleo krabby patties, asian meatballs, and ginger garlic tilapia.  We will most likely grill on the weekend, so whatever that ends up being will be fine!  Breakfasts will remain my usual favorites with the exception of an egg and asparagus casserole I made early this morning.

Now for Sunday’s festivities!  First let me say, the best part of the day was the company.  Our best friends, Steve and Faye and their 2 kids came over.  We always have such a blast when we get together.  We have a pretty good size yard  so we set up a few games to play throughout the day.  Corn hole was in one area of the yard, and ladder golf set up in another part of the yard.  Music playing, good food and good company!  Our 4 teenagers even spent a good amount of time outside with us which was really nice 🙂

Steve and Faye live 5 minutes from us, and we all met when our kids were in preschool.  They are family to us.  We’ve done everything together and this summer we are bringing them with us to the shore.

We’ve been renting this awesome beach block house in LBI for a few years now (except when we go to Bar Harbor, ME).  So, this house has more than enough room for another family, sooooo they are coming with us!!  Yay!  The house also has an inground pool and is the perfect house for entertaining.  We have been having the best vacations at the shore.  We all just love it.  The typical day is coffee on the rooftop deck overlooking the ocean or on the beach.  Breakfast, beach, lunch, nap, cocktails, pool time, dinner, deck and or pool.  i LOVE vacation!!

Back to Sunday’s “dirty” food!  So, to drink I made fresh pineapple margaritas……..oh, oh, so good.  We also had a variety of summer brews ~ Victory Summer Love, Corona Light, Goose Island Summertime, and Wachusett Blueberry.  The blueberry was my favorite.  Light and crisp with a fresh blueberry taste that wasn’t overwhelming.

Food wise we had ginger garlic steamed clams, beachy shrimp, bacon cheeseburger sliders, regular cheeseburgers, bow tie pasta salad and hot dogs.  I did NOT eat all of that.  I did ok with clams, shrimp, ONE slider, and some pasta (it had been so long since I had any pasta).

The real problem was dessert.  My sweet tooth got revenge on me from abstaining for so long.  I made a s’mores pie that I didn’t even touch.  We had a fruit tart from Wegman’s that was out of this world.  I had 2, yes TWO pieces.  OMG.  It was so good.  Did I mention it was delicious? Not only that, but Faye made something I like to call “Crack on a Cracker”.  It is so basic and so damn evil.  It’s just Club crackers covered in an evil mixture of sugar and butter then dipped in chocolate.  WTF??  OMG, I don’t even know how much of those I ate.  It was evil, pure evil.  I loved it.  I paid for that with pretty bad stomach pains later that night.

The last few hours of the night were spent around our fire pit sipping on beer, telling each other hysterical stories, and laughing our a**es off.   We were out there until about midnight when our lovely neighbor decided to come outside and turn on his leaf blower……..REALLY??  Whatever 🙂

So now do you see why I am doing a Whole 15?  I had 1 day of clean eating yesterday and already I felt great this morning and the weight gain from Sunday is gone 🙂