Happy Hump Day


I thought I’d take advantage of the few free hours I have today and write a bit.  How is it that I am so much busier during the summer??  I am really looking forward to our week away in a couple of weeks.  I plan to thoroughly relax!!

I’m still eating Whole 30, though I’m not doing a specific timed challenge.  I plan my meals based on Whole 30.  I don’t do it perfectly by any means, but it’s a lot better than how I was eating before with constantly counting calories in and out.  It’s surprising and funny how certain new ways of eating have become good habits now.

For instance, my morning coffee.  I never thought I could enjoy my coffee without a sweetener, specifically Bailey’s hazelnut creamer.  Well, I can, and I can’t believe I enjoy my coffee with just a teaspoon of full fat canned coconut milk with a sprinkle of cinnamon now.  After my first W30 challenge, I went and bought some Bailey’s creamer.  After using it again for a few days I realized I just didn’t feel good using it and went back to the coconut milk 🙂  I love it and I feel like i am getting the true rich flavor of coffee now.

The other product I can’t live without is coconut oil.  I cook everything in it.  I still use olive oil from time to time, which is W30 compliant, but coconut oil is my fat of choice!

A new discovery I recently caved and bought is Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  Wegman’s has a 10oz bottle with a built in adjustable grinder.  It is supposed to have many healthy benefits as opposed to regular table salt, so thought I’d give it a try.  I’ve been cooking with it this week……tastes like salt 🙂


I did finally buy the Well Fed cookbook I’ve heard so much about.  All in all, I am disappointed in it.  I expected a lot more protein/dinner type meals in it.  Plus, I feel the majority of the ones that are in there, just aren’t that great sounding.  What I have made has been good and will definitely make again, but I think I would have been just fine getting recipes off of the internet.


One recipe from Well Fed that I just loved and will be a staple is the Country Captain Chicken.  Oh my, the chicken turned out so tender and the meat just fell apart.  It was so good.  I did tweak it to my liking by omitting the curry powder and using chicken breasts instead of thighs.  It was delicious and my family loved it.

This past Monday I made the meat and Spinach muffins (forget the actual name), from Well Fed.  What I like is that the author gives different variations of these muffins to make, so I made the Asian ones.  They consist of ground pork, Chinese 5 spice powder, coconut aminos (another product I use consistently), spinach, onions, and egg.  These turned out great.  I love when I can make a big batch of something and use it in different meals for a few days.  In fact I used 2 of the muffins in my breakfast this morning.  I scrambled 2 organic brown eggs with some organic baby kale leaves, then crumbled up 2 of the muffins and mixed it all up.  Deliciousness!!


This Feedjit widget on my blog is pretty cool.  I love seeing where all the visitors to my blog are from.  A lot of different states and countries!  Please say hello when you stop by!!

Hope everyone is doing well on their Whole 30s and whatever other journeys you may be embarking on 🙂  Have a marvelous week!!


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