Do Over

Today is day 1, again.  Contemplated what to do yesterday, which included eating whatever I felt like having.  Got it out of my system, I hope, and starting over today.  I want to do it again more than not, so let’s go 🙂  A great workout this morning will get me started.  Never, ever give up.


Or Maybe Not…..

FAIL!  Total fail.  Started on Saturday with little cheats that increased every day.  Why am I not as committed this time around?  I get a craving and just give in to it.  I stay on plan all day….with every meal.  Then, night time eating came back.  So bad too.  Blah!  Today I am contemplating my next move and will read things to get me committed again.  Will I  start over or forget about it?  At least I am loving my work outs!


Whole 30 Round 2

My Yogi sweet tangerine tea message this morning……


So, I said I was going to do a mini W30 and do a 15 day stretch instead.  Well, the first 7 days went well, and then it really fell apart after that!  Now I am really feeling sluggish and yucky again!  I slowly went back to old eating habits.  It really is amazing how what I eat affects me.  The differences are so obvious.

Surprisingly I was able to run my small part in the NJ Law Enforcement Torch Run last Friday.  It was a small victory for me considering I dropped the ball with training for it and didn’t prepare for it like I should have.  The last time I did an official run was 2 1/2 years ago.  I almost dropped out knowing I wasn’t ready, but didn’t feel good doing that since I made the committment to my “coach” that I’d do it.  It was a small 3.5 mile run in the rain.  I expected I was going to need to stop and hitch a ride with the officers that rode along with us……..but I didn’t.  I ran from the Medford Lakes PD to the Medford Shop Rite all in one piece.  It was mostly mental that I got through it.  It helped having encouraging words from “coach” who ran along with me.  I am happy I stuck with it and hope to run more of the leg next year.  Most of my team mates ran the entire 20 miles that day, in torrential rain.  When I met up with them at ML PD at 9:30, they had already been running since 7am from Marlton, and continued to run after I stopped, onto Lumberton.  They are awesome.  I have a very encouraging “coach” who got me to do this, always saying I could and believing in me.  It makes all the difference.  He’s a very positive influence on many people in the community, from his martial arts with kids to kick boxing and running with adults.  He had me up early on Saturday mornings to go run with him.  That’s huge for me!  He pushes himself and others to do their best and strive to go further.  It’s his influence that is making me sign up for more runs…….  because, what do you know……I can do it after all.  My family was really proud of me too and my husband surprised me with flowers for my small feat.


So I decided to do another Whole 30 way sooner than expected.  I really wanted to start yesterday, but I am taking my mom out for her birthday today, and I am letting myself eat whatever.  Lately when I go visit my parents I bring my own “special” food and pass up going out with them.  Well, not today.  Not only is it her birthday, but she just completed at home radiation for thyroid cancer and has been stuck at home in isolation for a week.  She needs to get out and celebrate!  There’s a lot to be thankful for!!

I am looking forward to eating W30 again.  I have some yummy meals lined up the first week including a citrus marinated london broil, apple bacon pork burgers, and mustard lime chicken.  I will continue to blog, but not sure about keeping up with pictures.  We’ll see.  I do expect some bumps during the next 30 days.  We have a couple of graduation parties, 4th of July, and our 21st wedding anniversary on June 27.  I feel very positive about it though and looking forward to feeling super healthy again 🙂  Hope everyone has a beautiful day.  Be and stay grateful.