Friday Night Confession

Well, I caved.  It wasn’t even with something I’ve been craving like caramel popcorn, pizza, or ice cream.  It was stupid doritos, just sitting in the pantry.  I don’t know, but week 3 has not been that great, and today I was feeling so blah and tired of making all these separate meals.  Dinner time came, it’s hot, and the last thing I wanted to do was make the Asian Chicken Soup I had planned.  I am losing my motivation.  The exciting honeymoon phase of the challenge has ended for me.  I do know this has been a good thing for me.  I have definitely lost weight and that is why I am continuing to finish out the 30 days despite tonight’s fall.  

Week 3 is supposed to be week of “Tiger Blood”???  I think I had that last week.  This week is a struggle and I’m finding it difficult to be motivated for anything….except exercise.  At least I have that and every time I kick boxed (with some circuit training workouts!) this week I felt a whole lot better afterwards.  It didn’t stick with me the rest of the day though.  Maybe I can just chalk it up to just a bad week and leave it at that.  I have an early morning run with team mates tomorrow that I’m looking forward too.  Maybe it will kick me back into gear.

I don’t really feel like writing, so here’s a brief run down of food from Days 18 and 19.  Day 18 yesterday I finished up the frittata muffins for breakfast.  Lunch was leftover chocolate chili over baby spring mix/spinach and olives.  Dinner was a yummy roasted chicken.

Today, Day 19, I didn’t really have a breakfast or meal 1.  I only had my pre-workout banana and almond butter.  After that I didn’t eat until lunch which was leftover roasted chicken, a bit of chocolate chili, and baby spring mix/spinach.  Dinner….doritos.  WTG!


2 thoughts on “Friday Night Confession

  1. I probably sounding a little selfish here, but thank you for “confessing” your doritos slip up. I keep feeling like I’m the only one who is doing the W30 who has slipped up. I’ve had some little slip-ups (especially over the weekend), then tell myself, “oh, have to start all over again” and then feel like I can never get through an entire W30. I think I just need to keep pushing through.

    • Thank you for your comment, Amanda! I am thinking that I am the only one who has slipped on this challenge. Do you always start over when that happens or just keep going? If I was doing this by the book, I really should have started over, but instead I figured I was in it so far there was no way of that happening. I understand I ruined the full 30 day detox, but I’d rather learn from it, let it go, and continue on. I know better now for the next challenge I do and I feel confident i will be stronger then.

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