Days 16 and 17

Just a quick update this morning on the past 2 days.  Nothing really new to share with food.  I am eating those frittata muffins every morning because they are so good.  I’m not tired of them at all, so yay.  Besides the food, I am feeling a bit grumpy this week and having cravings for evil caramel coated popcorn with macadamia nuts!  I thought this was going to happen last week or even week 1.  Ugh…..I feel tired now of doing this after just saying I can totally do this for 2 more weeks!  I am fighting through it though, and just keep reminding myself not to be a quitter.  I’ve gotten through much more difficult things than this so this should not be a problem.  One day at a time 🙂

DAY 16

Breakfast:  2 frittata muffins and a side of pineapple

Lunch: Seafood Stew

Dinner: More Seafood Stew with sauteed brussel sprouts and onions

DAY 17

Breakfast: 2 frittata muffins and a side of pineapple

Lunch: Pineapple, just pineapple 😦  Just not hungry

Dinner:  Something new……Chocolate Chili!  Yup, Chocolate Chili.  Recipe here:


I topped it with some chopped green olives and a side of avocado and served it on a bed of iceberg lettuce.  It was surprisingly good!



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