Weekend Round Up ~ Days 12-14

I am loving this beautiful weather we have been having!  We have been getting our screened in porch and deck ready for the season.  Deck is stained, furniture and grill out, porch cleaned out, furniture in, giant cooler ready to go, twinkly lights up!  Yay!  Hopefully next weekend Mike and I can replace the porch screens and I can get flowers potted and the bird feeders cleaned up and filled.  I just love spending time out there so much……nature lover’s paradise!

Food was a challenge Friday and Saturday due to getting tired of the leftovers.  I didn’t really plan well for the weekend and I ended up not making the best W30 choices.  At least I was able to meal plan and shop this morning so I can get the week off to a good start.  I am looking forward to new meals.  Over all, last week’s recipes were a disappointment.  Considering I used leftovers for more meals, the week wasn’t the best.  The beef stew I made Saturday was horrible.  The meat quality was poor, and in the end it tasted way too vinegary.  Big disappointment.  Usually when I make a beef stew, the meat just falls apart and is very moist.  I bought organic grass fed stew meat this time thinking it would be a higher quality.  It ended up tough and very dry.  Oh well.  Here’s the round up ~


Breakfast: Egg Scramble – I scrambled up 2 organic eggs and threw in chopped onion, sliced grape tomatoes, chopped chorizo, and chopped up beet greens I saved from the beets I roasted earlier in the week.  Also a side of yummy strawberries.  This was really good and filling.


Lunch: Leftover Lemon Artichoke Chicken Pesto, and that was it.  Totally should have had some green veggies for a complete meal, but at least there was spaghetti squash in the recipe. So done with this dish.

Dinner:  Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie.  NOT the best choice at all, but I wasn’t hungry.


Breakfast: Fried organic egg, sauteed brussel sprouts, and chorizo


Lunch: I had no time for lunch with nothing planned.  I ate a banana with a heaping spoonful of almond butter.  Another poor choice, but not off the plan.

Dinner: Ugh…..Beef and Mushroom Stew, recipe here:http://paleomg.com/paleo-crockpot-beef-and-mushroom-stew/  I actually considered stopping W30 while eating this.  I was so hungry and this was a huge disappointment.  I talked myself out of ordering a pizza and getting beer!  I didn’t.  Instead I cheated with two bowls of fresh strawberries and blueberries drizzled with locally harvested honey.  I officially broke the rules and ruined my sugar detox.  I’m ok with it.  Dinner was a bust, and I was hungry with nothing else to have.  Hey, it’s better than ordering out, so I’m not going to beat myself up about it!  Forward…



Breakfast: A quick sauté of brussel sprouts and a fried egg.

Lunch: Shredded up leftover beef from the stew that I reheated with a bit of EVOO, sliced avocado, and roasted broccoli and cauliflower.


Dinner: Asian Marinated Crockpot Spare Ribs, recipe here:http://paleomg.com/asian-marinated-crockpot-beef-spare-ribs/, grilled chicken wings, and roasted broccoli and cauliflower.


I ate one more wing than was on my plate.  They are so good on the grill.  The rest of the family had them with buffalo sauce.  I kept mine sauceless……still so good thanks to my talented grill master husband 🙂  The short ribs were good, but I cooked up three, and there was meat on only one of them!  The other two were 100% fat, no meat.  Another waste of money.  I am changing where I buy my meat.

So, kind of a yucky eating weekend except for today.  I didn’t make the best choices, but they weren’t horrible.  Plus, I am still sticking with this.  My jeans are baggy and loose.   I am totally feeling good and a little shrunken in certain places.  I have a week of some yummy meals ahead.  I also should be back on schedule with kick boxing starting tomorrow!  Hooray for the beginning of Week 3!


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