A Late Day 11 Post

Week 2 is just about coming to an end, yay!  I am feeling a bit anxious though…about what I am going to do when the challenge is over.  I didn’t plan this, but my Whole 30 will end a few days before Memorial Day weekend.  We have an annual get together with our friends, usually at our house.  I always look forward to planning and prepping for it.  We have so much fun.  I plan to enjoy it this year too.  We’ll have plenty of seafood and a lot of other goodies.  I am worried about going crazy with eating since I’ll be off the challenge.  I guess I’ll just have to go into it remembering it’s just one day and the important thing is I’ll be making more memories with my family and friends.  Oh, did I mention the margaritas and beer.  Yes, I plan on having some.  Life is too short to not enjoy yourself, right?  And ice cream sandwiches made with homemade cookies?  Fruit tarts?  Yup, it’s gonna be a doosey.  Hey, as long as it’s not a daily habit, I’ll be ok, right?

So, the recap for Day 11.  Super busy day running from the vascular surgeon, to my parents,, then to a tennis match.  Finally got back home close to 7pm.  I ended up picking up some PJ Whelihan’s for the kids on the way home from the high school.  I was good!  Didn’t touch a thing from the kids’ meals….not even 1 fry, yay!  great day.  Shawnee won their match, again.  Stellar season for varsity 🙂

Breakfast: Good Morning Green Drink, recipe here:http://www.ameessavorydish.com/2013/03/good-morning-green-drink.html


Yeah, that’s brown.  I wanted to use this as my breakfast.  Didn’t cut it for me.  It consists of organic apple juice, water, almond butter, strawberries, blueberries, carrot, and kale (I used spinach).  It ended up being a watery brown not so tasty drink.  I know it’s healthy, but definitely made a mistake thinking this could be a breakfast, and in no way is it posted as such.  I just thought I would try it as one.  I ended up eating a banana on the drive tp PA to get a bit more substance.

Lunch:  I was good and brought leftover Artichoke Lemon Pesto Chicken and half a roasted yam to my parents’ house.  I got to spend a few short hours with my mom which was great as usual.  I love that at my age of 44, I still learn some valuable life lessons from my mom.  It was a beautiful day.


Dinner:  While the kids ate their PJs food, I just threw some shredded up lemon mushroom chicken together with sauteed 50/50 organic blend of baby spring mix and baby spinach and chorizo.


Great day.  Hope everyone else had one too 🙂


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