Wow, Day 10 Already!

Hooray, it’s Hump Day!!

The Challenge is going really well.  I am surprised I am not getting hungry between meals at all.  In fact, I almost skipped lunch today, but figured that might cause me trouble later.  I just ate it late.  Here’s the run down ~

Breakfast: Pumpkin Coconut Smoothie, recipe here:



Isn’t that the cutest bunny ring dish??  From Anthropologie!


This was so very good.  The recipe made 2 good size servings, and I had it all!   I know, I know, way too much I am sure.  No wonder I wasn’t very hungry for lunch 🙂  I grated fresh nutmeg on top….yummy!  I can totally see me making this when I am off the challenge and adding honey to it!

Lunch: I’ll call this Brussel Sprout and Chicken Hash.  I sauteed the shredded sprouts then threw in some cut up leftover lemon mushroom chicken in the pan and cooked until the chicken was heated through.  Delicious!


Dinner: Artichoke Lemon Pesto Chicken, recipe here:


Pictures are of the entire recipe, NOT my dinner plate!  This was good………but I wasn’t too keen on the spaghetti squash “pasta”.  I love all the squashes, but eating it in pasta form was kind of yucky.  I would make this again just with the chicken.  The artichoke lemon pesto is really, really good.  I could see it being a topping for bruschetta when I am finished the challenge.

For my kids, (Mike is away), who are eating regularly, I made a yummy 5 Spice Tilapia which I’ve made a few times before.  It’s really good and from Eating Well…..


It’s awesome that my son likes sauteed brussel sprouts and my daughter likes roasted beets, yay!

Another day down!  Now time to chill for the evening 🙂


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