Weekend Wrap Up ~ Days 6 and 7

First I’ll start with a pic of something other than food and much more adorable.  She’s my shadow ~ Teddie


The first weekend challenge is over and a success!  Saturday morning started with a 7:30 run training session at the park.  It included run/walk intervals and suicides.  It was a great and beautiful morning to be up and out early.  I felt great afterwards.  From there I went right to 9am kick boxing and felt completely energized and strong.  It was a kick ass class.

What I am super proud of is the fact that I didn’t even touch the take out Chinese from Jasmine’s Saturday night!  It’s what the guys wanted and I stayed away.  I ate my dinner while the order was getting picked up, then went in another room while they ate.  I did miss my crafty beer Saturday night, but it was worth not having any.  Thank goodness Mike only brought home Miller Light so there was no temptation for me 🙂

Sunday I was up way too early.  The one day I can sleep in and the body just didn’t want to.  So I was up at 6, listened to music and perused through Whole 30 recipes online.  I spent a long time planning out the coming week’s meals for me and the family.  Makes for a very long grocery list…..This evening I met up with the team for the Torch Run and did an awesome 1 hour tabata workout.  I am so sore, but so glad i went!!  I may not be able to workout until next Monday, so the weekend was very successful.

Food wise it was a pretty boring weekend….lots of leftovers so I will spare the repeat pictures except for a few.  I do like that I can make a recipe and then continue to use it for other meals.  saves time in the end!

I’d also like to point out that after being 6 days in on the challenge, I broke through my plateau.  that’s all I really wanted.  It’s done!  This makes me excited to finish out the 30 days to see what else happens.

Day 6 food ~

Pre-Workout: small banana and heaping tablespoon of almond butter

Breakfast: Fried organic brown egg over sauteed spinach, pulled pork, and pineapple


Lunch: I was still too full from breakfast so had a hand full of sliced raw almonds around 3pm

Dinner: More leftovers of pulled pork and breakfast casserole with some wilted spinach

Day 7 ~

Breakfast: A 2 organic brown egg chorizo sausage and spinach scramble and pineapple ~ incredibly satisfying!


Lunch:  Wasn’t too hungry at all so just had a little more pulled pork and some pineapple.  Ok, done with the pork!

Dinner (post-workout): Sauteed lemon and garlic shrimp, sauteed baby kale, and cut up grilled portabella mushroom….delish!


So yay!  If I can do this, anyone can….for real.


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