Day 3 :)

 This really isn’t so bad.  I feel like i am eating a lot, and foods I love so it’s all been good.  I have a ton of recipes if I need them so there’s always variety.  My food today wasn’t too different though just because I needed something quick this morning and I wanted to finish up some leftovers.  Not so sleepy today!!

Breakfast: 1 fried organic brown egg, sauteed organic baby kale and spinach, and the rest of the roasted Jersey white sweet potato.

Lunch: The remains of the Caribbean Seafood Stew……..yup, still can’t get enough, roasted zucchini, and pineapple.

Dinner:  Something for all of us to eat.  Roasted lemon and rosemary chicken with a side of sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Usually while watching calories, I would only eat a few ounces of breast meat, no skin, no fat.  Tonight, I had it all!  A wing, a leg, breast meat, and a little skin. It turned out so delicious.  So nice to sit and thoroughly enjoy a roasted chicken!





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