Day 1 Recap

Yesterday went great.  I know it’s super early in the process, but I can do this for 30 days…….1 day at a time!  Trying not to think about not enjoying a yummy craft beer or Corona Light on the weekends…..

Last night’s dinner was so delicious.  Carribean Seafood Stew will be a regular meal for sure.  I probably had too much, but again I really don’t know how much to have.  It’s hard to determine a palm size of protein in soup.  Um…… not sure who’s giant palm size I based this meal on…..



Today’s meals will be easy….a fried egg over greens, some asparagus and maybe 1/2 a roasted sweet potato.  Lunch and dinner will be leftovers.  I think I’ll change lunch up a bit, and put the chicken salad in a roasted poblano pepper….yum!

Workout wise……haven’t been able to do anything vigorous since last Wed due to a minor venous leg procedure.  I am so anxious to exercise while being on Whole 30.  It’s killing me not to kick box.  Hopefully I will have the ok to workout Thursday, Friday, and Sat, then I’ll have to put it on hold again all next week when I get the same procedure done to the other leg 😦 .   I’ve also been invited and persuaded to join a team that is running in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics.  I plan to join their training session early Sat. morning and just hope it’s something I can do.  I know it’s no 5k.  Another new challenge!


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