Day 9 :)

A very productive and awesome Tuesday, but i am so ready to hit the hay.  Here’s the meal breakdown:

Breakfast: Brussel Sprout Egg Skillet, recipe here:

with a side of chorizo (100% compliant!)


Lunch: Leftover Damn Fine Chicken, a sliced roasted beet, and half of a roasted yam with cinnamon


Dinner: Lemon mushroom chicken, recipe here:, with a side of sauteed baby spring mix and baby sptinach

Great, beautiful day with a side of some awesome tennis playing by my son  Feeling proud, accomplished and positive.  And tired.  Nite all ~

Oh, and I’m sorry not all the recipe links are showing up highlighted.  Never had this problem before WordPress.


Day 8, Week 2!

Yay!  Week 2!  Crazy busy Monday with not much time to prep and get things together.  Had to go easy.  I think for the rest of the challenge I have to shop early Sunday morning so I can get my week off to a better start.

Breakfast: Easy 2 egg and spinach scramble

Lunch: Lemon and garlic shrimp sauté over spinach, and a bottle of GT’s Gingerade Kombucha.  LOVE the ginger.  The shrimp dish was easy to throw together since I had nothing ready ahead of time.  I take whatever amount of shrimp I need out of the freezer, thaw it quickly under cold water, and it’s ready to go.  I love this dish too.  Delicious and easy.


Dinner: Damn Fine Chicken!  Recipe found here:  I was way too tired to cook up any veggies and just had some sliced grape tomatoes.

941105_417671194998248_1611811072_n 62636_417671181664916_1803706261_n

All in all, it was a pretty light food day compared to how I ate last week.  Just no time and too much going on!  Time for the finale of The Following!

Weekend Wrap Up ~ Days 6 and 7

First I’ll start with a pic of something other than food and much more adorable.  She’s my shadow ~ Teddie


The first weekend challenge is over and a success!  Saturday morning started with a 7:30 run training session at the park.  It included run/walk intervals and suicides.  It was a great and beautiful morning to be up and out early.  I felt great afterwards.  From there I went right to 9am kick boxing and felt completely energized and strong.  It was a kick ass class.

What I am super proud of is the fact that I didn’t even touch the take out Chinese from Jasmine’s Saturday night!  It’s what the guys wanted and I stayed away.  I ate my dinner while the order was getting picked up, then went in another room while they ate.  I did miss my crafty beer Saturday night, but it was worth not having any.  Thank goodness Mike only brought home Miller Light so there was no temptation for me 🙂

Sunday I was up way too early.  The one day I can sleep in and the body just didn’t want to.  So I was up at 6, listened to music and perused through Whole 30 recipes online.  I spent a long time planning out the coming week’s meals for me and the family.  Makes for a very long grocery list…..This evening I met up with the team for the Torch Run and did an awesome 1 hour tabata workout.  I am so sore, but so glad i went!!  I may not be able to workout until next Monday, so the weekend was very successful.

Food wise it was a pretty boring weekend….lots of leftovers so I will spare the repeat pictures except for a few.  I do like that I can make a recipe and then continue to use it for other meals.  saves time in the end!

I’d also like to point out that after being 6 days in on the challenge, I broke through my plateau.  that’s all I really wanted.  It’s done!  This makes me excited to finish out the 30 days to see what else happens.

Day 6 food ~

Pre-Workout: small banana and heaping tablespoon of almond butter

Breakfast: Fried organic brown egg over sauteed spinach, pulled pork, and pineapple


Lunch: I was still too full from breakfast so had a hand full of sliced raw almonds around 3pm

Dinner: More leftovers of pulled pork and breakfast casserole with some wilted spinach

Day 7 ~

Breakfast: A 2 organic brown egg chorizo sausage and spinach scramble and pineapple ~ incredibly satisfying!


Lunch:  Wasn’t too hungry at all so just had a little more pulled pork and some pineapple.  Ok, done with the pork!

Dinner (post-workout): Sauteed lemon and garlic shrimp, sauteed baby kale, and cut up grilled portabella mushroom….delish!


So yay!  If I can do this, anyone can….for real.

Day 5 :)

Friday had a shaky start, but it didn’t last too long.  The morning started with waking up with the same headache, ugh.  I so wanted to go back to bed after the kids left for school, but didn’t want to miss an opportunity to kick box this morning.  I was just so tired.  I really had to fight it.  Class went pretty good.  My headache was completely gone at the end of class.  I definitely felt weak and my right front kicks were a bit difficult since I have a clotted up superficial vein in that leg.  I just took it easy on that side.  Surprisingly I burned 650 cals in the class.  I forgot to stop my heart rate monitor when class finished so it was still running for the 10 minutes that I stayed after class.  When I left, my calories burned went up to 756….yay!  I think my heart worked more efficiently with the slowing down.  I am looking forward to a busy morning tomorrow with the 7:30 outside run training session then an hour kick boxing at 9am!

Not sure if I used the most correct food for my pre-workout, but it’s what I used to do awhile ago, and it works for me.  I had a small banana with a heaping tablespoon of almond butter.  I saved breakfast for after class and was in a rush so that was just some leftover breakfast casserole.  I understand that Whole 30 says to have an additional meal after working out, but honestly, I don’t think I could work all that in with the rest of the meals.  Here’s the rest ~

Lunch: Some leftover roasted chicken, a piece of breakfast casserole, some sauteed onions and mushrooms, a little pineapple with a fresh brewed glass of Tazo Berry Blossom White Tea. Yes, it was too much food.  I ate all except the casserole, just  maybe about half of that.


Dinner: Cumin Spiced Slow Cooked Pork, recipe here: with sauteed baby kale and half an avocado.  Super delicious!


5 days down and I’ve already lost a few pounds….eating real food!  It’s a lot of work, but I think it will be worth it in so many ways ~

Day 4 and Going Strong

Good eating day today.  Made some changes to what was planned, but still followed the rules……pretty much.  I made this awesome breakfast casserole.  One of the ingredients is chorizo…  Well, I never checked the ingredients when I bought it.  So while I am cooking it up I glance at the packaging…….crap, there is dry milk in it.  Whole 30 rule….NO DAIRY.  Great, just great.  I had the eggs whipped up, the sausage sizzling in the pan, onion chopped, sweet potato slivered and ready to go.  I should have tossed the sausage, right?  I didn’t.  I used it anyway.  Was this a huge no-no?  I feel like it’s not, or shouldn’t be.  I don’t believe it would completely derail the plan.  Does this mean I have to start back at Day 1?  Well I’m not.  A mistake was made and I’m still going to eat it because it was delicious.  Hopefully it’s not a significant amount of dairy and won’t mess me up.  This feels like a confession!!

I did wake up with a pretty bad headache today.  Whether it’s from the plan or not, I don’t know, but it’s been bad all day.

I ended up not going kick boxing like I was planning on, but not because of the headache.  I had to stick around because an auto insurance appraiser had to come check out the Honda Pilot which was hit in the Shop Rite parking lot AS i was putting groceries in it.  It happened on my daughter’s birthday, a week and a half ago.  The woman who hit it and almost knocked my own car into me had to be about 88 years old.  Long story short, I ended up consoling her.  Sweet lady, but I hope she stops driving 🙂

So it has been over a week since I kick boxed!  UGH.  I am going tomorrow even though i’m not sure my right leg is ready for it.  I may have to modify some things, but I gotta go.  Then early, early Saturday morning I’ll attempt an hour outside training session with a new group of people and hopefully go right to kick boxing afterwards!  Yay!

On to the Food…..

Breakfast: Savory Breakfast Casserole recipe here:  This was soooo good!  I can totally see changing up ingredients time to time.  Peppers and onions, sun-dried tomatoes……yummy.  On the side I had a sliced up plum tomato.


Lunch:  The casserole was so good, I had it again, a smaller portion though.  With it I had some sauteed organic spinach and a bit of leftover roasted chicken from last night.



Dinner:  Tuna and Bok Choy Packet and sliced half avocado.  Recipe here:  This is something I’ve made before while not doing the Whole 30.  You can pretty much use any fish and veggie.  I’ve used tilapia and cod with asparagus.  Tonight I went with a tuna steak.  It’s pretty tasty!


Today is the first day I felt the difficult challenge of ignoring the other food in our house.  Whole 30 recommends you throw away everything from your pantry.  I can’t do that with 2 teenagers and my husband that I have to feed.  I’m doing this on my own, so that part is difficult.  I am also making a separate dinner for them sometimes.  Last night was great because they love roasted chicken.  Tonight….forget it.  They would never eat it.  It was hard making linguini and clam sauce for them and not have any.  I hope I can stay strong!

Time for bed.  I’m beat.  Headache be gone.


Day 3 :)

 This really isn’t so bad.  I feel like i am eating a lot, and foods I love so it’s all been good.  I have a ton of recipes if I need them so there’s always variety.  My food today wasn’t too different though just because I needed something quick this morning and I wanted to finish up some leftovers.  Not so sleepy today!!

Breakfast: 1 fried organic brown egg, sauteed organic baby kale and spinach, and the rest of the roasted Jersey white sweet potato.

Lunch: The remains of the Caribbean Seafood Stew……..yup, still can’t get enough, roasted zucchini, and pineapple.

Dinner:  Something for all of us to eat.  Roasted lemon and rosemary chicken with a side of sauteed mushrooms and onions.  Usually while watching calories, I would only eat a few ounces of breast meat, no skin, no fat.  Tonight, I had it all!  A wing, a leg, breast meat, and a little skin. It turned out so delicious.  So nice to sit and thoroughly enjoy a roasted chicken!




Day 2 Recap

My intention is to write every night on how the day went with Whole 30.  I couldn’t stay awake last night and could barely keep my eyes open all day.  I don’t know if this is from how I am eating, since I understand low energy is an effect during the first week, or just from waking up at 4am.  I was falling asleep on the couch at 8:30 and ended up going to bed before the kids.  I was out like a light.

Other than that, I had a great food day.  

Breakfast: 1 brown organic egg fried in a wee bit of coconut oil, sauteed organic baby kale and spinach, leftover roasted asparagus, and half of a roasted Jersey white sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg.Image


Lunch: Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with leftover avocado chicken salad with a side of roasted zucchini and summer squash.  I also added a wee bit of fresh pineapple.



Dinner:  Nice and simple.  Leftover Carribean Seafood Stew….2 bowls.  I was starving by the time we got home from tennis.  Man, I love this stuff.  I am sure I blew it with 2 bowls.  I also added some cayenne pepper to it.  So good.

Throughout the day I am drinking water and fresh brewed tazo iced passion tea.  It looks like that tea should be ok.  I really wanted to brew some blueberry green tea, but there is soy in it ???  How weird.  I’m going to check my Teavana loose teas and make sure they fit the bill for Whole 30.

Now on to day 3!  Yay!